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Having fun with the Wingnuts...

(Posted this on the Fox News Forum "Why Did McCain Lose?")

William F. Buckley once famously stated that his job was to “separate the wingnuts from the Republican Party.” Given the divisive and ignornant tone of the responses here, it’s clear that Mr. Buckley’s job was incomplete, and that the wingnuts have completely taken over the party that I had previously been a proud member of for the last 30+ years.

And as an intelligent and thoughtful Republican who still holds the belief of the separation of Church and State, who still prefers intelligent discussion to vapid talking heads who need to shout to make their points, and one who still believes strongly in individual rights and individual choice, I am glad that what passed for my party was taken by the American Public out to the back of the woodshed and given a sound thrashing. Perhaps now the ‘lead’ership of the Republican Party will learn their lessons and remove the more acidic elements of the party faithful (namely the so-called Christian Conservatives) and return the party to a more centrist position.

At least one can hope.

As for President-Elect Obama, I wish him the best.

(Then added this afterwards, when someone commented back)

Comment by Anonymous
November 5th, 2008 at 5:38 am

>> ALone Voice - Well said. Whether or not we stand on the same side of the issues, people like you give me hope that this country might be able to pull itself out of the hands of the ignorant and the zealots.

Thank you. I am not normally the sort who would get involved in discussions like this, but today I simply felt that the need outweighed any other responses.

There are basic facts that do need to be addressed, whether it had been Sen. McCain or President-Elect Obama who had won. And much like the election in 1960, we needed a candidate who best represented hope for our country. We are eight years into a new century and the old rules we have been discovering don’t work as well as in the past. The need for new ideas and new ways of thinking about our country’s problems are absolutely essential at this point.

That is, at least in my mind, the core of why President-Elect Obama won. We, the entire nation, are looking for someone who will give us a sense of both excitement and a feeling of leadership that even if we fail, we at least tried to do something right. That feeling was far more than what Sen. McCain and the Republican leadership was offering. There it was a problem of image, the stodgy Grand Old Party offering the same old slogans with a new coat of paint. And the American public didn’t want to heat that this time, they made it clear they wanted something truly new.

History is filled with similar situations, and all it would take would be a little time to look back and realize that the GOP made the same mistakes back in 1932. The public demanded change, and change is what occurred.

(Of course, you know that intelligent discussions are impossible on Fox News Forums... *chuckle*)


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