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The Nightmare Continues...

Sunday morning.  Gustav is still powerful (not quite as before, but give it time.)  New Orleans is evacuating, as the path did move more eastwards.  Warnings are up along the coast, and even my area is on the border of hurricane/tropical storm warnings.  Aki should be on the road right now, heading out of town.  The traffic cameras I've been able to view are showing that traffic is moving out of the city, which is the good bit.

The bad?  24-36 hours to landfall.  Probably on the lower end of that scale.  If the current path holds, landfall will be right at or close to the mouth of the Mississippi River.  Not good for New Orleans at all.  If it jogs eastward, it makes landfall on the western parts of southern Mississippi, not good for New Orleans again.  If it goes in Barataria Bay, it tracks like Betsy in 1965, still not good for New Orleans.

If it makes landfall with 120 knot winds, the levees won't hold, and the city will flood again.

Now, if Bush and Chertoff were locked in a room in an abandoned home damaged by Katrina in the 9th Ward...

UPDATE:  6:30am - Just heard from Aki, she is in Hammond heading northward on I-55.  They're going to be staying in a place between Natchez and Vicksburg, so she'll be well away from the severe part of the storm.


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Sep. 1st, 2008 04:56 am (UTC)
I'm glad your friend made it out of there. New Orleans is a particularly scary place to ride out a hurricane! {rueful smile}

Anne Elizabeth Baldwin
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