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Gods, I love vacations...

...now if only I could have one.

Actually, the trip to Vegas was enjoyable for the most part.  As mshollie noted previously, I didn't do well at the tables.  Hard to enjoy yourself when you're getting 20's and the dealer is pulling 21 almost every time.  And while the fun at the poker tourney was fun, it didn't compensate for the bad luck at blackjack.  Ah well... there's always next time.

But I get back to work, and walk in on nuclear mushroom clouds everywhere.  It seems that the original plan for a migration (which was to wait until I get back from vacation) got ripped up and instead the migration began before I returned.  With predictable results... the other two techs were overjoyed to see me back as they knew I could get everything back on track.  It took three days, but the schedule is back to normal... but it was the fact that it started despite the agreement that ticked me off.  And our ex-drill sergeant/former lead/now manager of the IT support folks wasn't helping things, instead he was cheerfully dumping still more work and more projects to be accomplished by next week on us.  Days like that I want to remind him that he was nearly useless as a tech and as a lead, and that he's still useless as a manager.  And if he keeps up the way he's going, he isn't going to have an IT support team to lead.

Ah well... at least I received my 100 shares of stock for getting my college degree.  The company's nice on that part.  And the Employee Incentive Plan payout is going to be another nice chunk of change next month.  And the Sharevalue plan payout in July will be another large chunk of extra cash... but no trip to Las Vegas until next year.  Time to save up vacation days.


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Feb. 4th, 2008 01:59 pm (UTC)
Too bad you have no way to report the productivity lost by this 'management'.
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