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Ethics for Idiots

Anyone who's been reading my sporatic postings knows that I'm working for the Boeing Company now, and have been for the last year (almost). It's actually been a fairly good gig, even if I can't talk about the sort of work I do, or rather the sort of work that the folks I support do. But if you've been reading the news, you know that recently a division of Boeing was caught with it's hand in the cookie jar, and was swatted rather hard.

Well, today, the entire IDS (Integrated Defense Systems) division was essentially closed for business in order to do training on ethics. We're not talking one or two little sites like my place, we're talking the whole section of the company. Conservatively, that's 78,000+ people. Think about it. A company the size of Boeing, and half of it's workforce hanging a 'closed for training' sign over the headquarters.

About the only comparable incident I can recall was the recent military stand-down that was last year (I think it was last year) where the Navy took an entire day to reinforce traning involving diversity and behavior. And as in the Navy incidents, it was a very small handful of individuals who proceeded to make life miserable for the majority.

Don't get me wrong... ethics is one of those things that when you're working for a customer who expects you to behave right (the government), you have to do the right things. Unfortunately in today's business climate, you've got too many individuals out there and too many companies that think that they can get away with bending the rules if not outright shattering them and then think 'well, everyone else does it.' Bzzt! Sorry, wrong answer, thanks for playing... we'll see you later.

Mind you, the odds of me having even the slightest contact with a situation like that is slim to none. But still, you have to do the training just like everyone else. At least it was interesting... if a little overscripted.

* * *

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