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...and The Ugly.

AirTran. Give me one good reason why I should use your airline again. It wasn't that you were late, no, you actually were either on time or slightly ahead of schedule. Nor was it the fact that your service was average compared to others low-cost airlines. No, what has me placing you permanently on my never-to-be-used-again list is the fact that you LOST MY LUGGAGE FOR 16 HOURS!!!

I check in my bags in Las Vegas, and Aki checks hers in right behind me. We fly back to New Orleans via Atlanta at 8:40pm, and when we get down to baggage claim, her bags come off the flight... and mine are nowhere to be found. Needless to say, I'm now in a fine state of mind as that was all of my clothing along with the clothes we bought in Vegas. So I'm forced to deal with putting in a lost luggage claim, and having to wait.

8:30am rolls around and the first flight from Atlanta... no luggage. *GRUMP*

11:30am rolls around... and lo and behold! the luggage is on the plane! But it'll be 4pm when it finally gets to me, delivered by a courier service. I look at the tags... and the MSY tag is firmly attached to the handle.

All right, where did my luggage end up? Obviously it was tagged and logged, but did someone forget to grab it? Did someone put it on a plane leaving for Outer Mongolia instead? Did you intentionally want to screw with a first time passenger and frustrate them to the point of not wanting to use your airline again?

I have no idea, but the fact that Aki's luggage arrived without incident and mine didn't left a very sour taste in me. AirTran is now on the same list as US Airways, airlines that won't be used again even if the alternative is Sal's Crop Dusting Service.


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