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...The Bad...

Of course, there is always some.

1. The Venetian. What they didn't mention with their offers of the free rooms was that it was conditionally based on how much you play at the casino. In my case, that wasn't necessarily a problem as I covered the required time/amount ratio to make it with room to spare. (In fact, I could have charged a dinner to my room while we were there and still have covered it). But that's ok, since the next trip in January will probably be using one of the other offers I get from the MGM Mirage group.

2. The Grand Canyon. We took a DeHavilland DHC-6 Twin Otter tour plane out of Boulder City for the trip. The flight to the canyon was smooth, but coming back was not something Aki had ever experienced before. She had never flown in a small plane in the past, only jets. So she was totally unprepared for the kind of jolts and bumps that occurred, and... well... you can guess what happened. I understand what she went through, but having flown in small planes and military craft in the past, it wasn't a problem for me. I did a lot of cuddling of her to try and keep her steady enough until we landed, but she recovered well enough afterwards.

3. Las Vegas in general. It's still a madhouse of a city. Construction everywhere, drivers who don't know what turn signals are, too far to walk, too hot in the summer, and always having to keep an eye on your wallet when someone accidentally bumps into you. But that's anywhere, really...

4. The money. Yes, I lost what I won, and lost what I started with. But that was to be expected. When I won, it was on tables where the players were concentrating more on the cards than their drinks, and were doing the right things for the right reasons. When I lost, it was on tables where you've got four folks already drunk, and worried more about where the waitress was than the cards in front of them. *sigh* And by that time, I'm already down and frustrated at the players and the cards. Bleah...

5. The Food!! I'll be paying for what I ate for weeks, I'm afraid... as in trying to lose the weight. *chuckle*


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