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The Good...

So the Las Vegas vacation is finally over, as I'm back home in Florida. To say that it had it's shares of up's and down's is to say that a roller coaster has a few bumps. *chuckle* But to start:

1. The Venetian. Glitz and luxury in one nice package. The rooms were huge, with a sunken living room area, a king-sized bed, power drapes, a television in the bathroom (!) and lots of extras. It was quite a place, I've had apartments smaller than what I got there. *chuckle*

2. The Grand Canyon. Always a sight to behold. This time it was special in that while at Bright Angel Lodge, a pair of California condors were soaring overhead. Like around 40' overhead. I managed some very good pictures of them, which will get posted later on. And flying to the canyon was definitely a lot easier than taking a long bus ride...

3. Las Vegas in general. Gods, what a few months difference makes in that place. In January, they had barely started work on the Cosmopolitan (between New York-New York and the Monte Carlo) and now the place is probably a third complete. By this time next year, it may actually be close to opening. The new Palazio next to the Venetian is now completed, and about to open, and the new wing next to the Wynn is finishing up as well.

4. The money. It was fun starting off making a grand off of the tables from the Venetian, and managing to hold on to it for most of the stay. Actually made more, but we spent some of it on stuff for the ounce's camera, and some of other things like sinus meds, fribbles and things.

5. The Food!! Yes, Las Vegas can be expensive. But there is expensive (as in maybe getting what you pay for) and there is 'expensive' (in that you're paying what seems to be a high price, but lords! what they bring out for you!) In that latter category is the Grand Lux Cafe in the Venetian. Here's an example:

Ordered dinner, the Pasta Carbonara. Listed on the menu, it's $12.50. What they bring you is a plate maybe 10" in diameter, and is it LOADED with food. So much that there is absolutely no way for you to finish it. The same was true for breakfast, too... so while the price may be high, you're getting yourself one hell of a meal.


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