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T-minus 10 days and counting...

And the trip countdown continues.  Getting ready for Las Vegas... and having lots of fun with the ounce.

Speaking of Las Vegas, here is something for all of you fans of the K-9 sort.  The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino is issuing a special collection of chips this week honoring...

...the four bomb-sniffing dogs that have patrolled the facility for some time now.  That's right, they're giving every dog it's due.  *GRYN*

For those who want to see what the chips look like, here's the image for your amusement.

Just for the record, there will be 1000 chips made for each one, and you can bet that all of them will be sold out on Friday when they're released.


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Aug. 26th, 2007 09:46 pm (UTC)
...Is having four bomb-sniffing dogs at a casino normal procedure? ...That would mean there are a hundred thousand bomb-sniffing dogs in the country. That seems unlikely. o-o

On the other hand, how do they keep getting investment money? Their restaurants haven't run in the black in two years and they're still building new hotels and counting the capital against their gross so it's hard to tell if they're making money, either.
Aug. 27th, 2007 12:21 am (UTC)
My understanding is that the four have been in use over the last 6 years. It's more like a kind of rotation where one dog is assigned to the hotel for a while, then another comes in... and in truth, there probably are a lot more than you'd realize. From one sheet I found there are 425 bomb dogs at 85 airports in the US, which would mean 5 dogs per facility. And I'm sure Las Vegas has a LOT of bomb-sniffing dogs around.

As for the hotel, you'd have to ask the Seminole Indian tribe, as they bought the Hard Rock. They've got the money (apparently), and bought the entire holdings for under $1 billion. They were the first Indian tribe to get into gambling years ago, so they've got the folks to likely make it work.
Aug. 29th, 2007 07:25 am (UTC)
I just meant that they were putting in new hotels, including one at Petco Park in San Diego. It really didn't strike me as a sound investment, when the company and brand is hemorrhaging money.

There prolly are more sniffing dogs out there as for every one on duty, there's several in training or rest... It just struck me as odd for such an expense at a hotel, even a casino.
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