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Training Daze

Ok, so it's been a while since I last wrote anything in here. You know, I am allowed to take my time when it comes to writing stuff. It's not like I can bore you all with the details of my job... not that I could if I wanted to. *chuckle* One of those fun little Catch-22 situations where I can't talk about it. But there are a few things I can talk about... like Friday.

Friday was unusual in that instead of going to work, I went to Mobile. I know, I know, small difference. *gryn* Actually, the reason I went was something called "The Conference on Customer Service" which is a workshop run by SkillPath. Telling you all the secrets on how to handle customers and such.

It was amusing, to say the least. Of course, they put the emphasis on retaining customers, rather than (in my case) on dealing with the ones you already have. I don't have to worry about them going elsewhere, they don't have a choice. *Gryn* But it's more how to smooth ruffled feathers and learning how to tell them that there's no way they're getting what they want and have them look forward to the trip. *chuckle*

* * *

Ah, summertime. When the tropics start to bubble up and that most fascinating of events occur, the tropical storm/hurricane. And we've got something in the southern half of the Gulf starting to bubble along. Mother Nature is stirring the cauldron, putting in a pinch of spice, a little heat, some building storms and swirling it around... likely it won't be anything major, just a lot of rain and winds... oh bliss. Not.

Just wait until August and September. That's when life gets interesting. Since I've moved from New Orleans, I think the bull's-eye moved with me...

"What's this? A ticket punched for Ft. Walton Beach?"


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