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Music for the Masses

Every so often I actually break down and buy CDs.  And the reason why is that frankly I do want to pay to own some fairly decent music instead of acting like everyone else and merely downloading stuff.  Not that I don't download stuff, I tend to hit Audio Lunchbox hard every month grabbing classical albums from the Naxos label.

But about a month ago I picked up two new releases from the Water Music Dance label.  The first is The Thrillseekers "Nightmusic Volume 1", which is the first actual release of th work of Steve Helstrip, aka The Thrillseekers.  Primarily a remix DJ who has done work for dozens of other artists, he's probably best known for both his single Synthaesthia as well as the remix of Chicane's "Saltwater".  The double CD is an excellent look at some of his work, both from being a DJ as well as a producer.  And yes, it ends with his remix of Jan Johnston's "Calling You Name"...

The other CD I was happy to see was Solarstone's "Destinations/V1".  This one's playing in the background right now, and if you ever wanted to see what the concept of Trance really can provide, this is the one to pick up to see where Trance is going.  Solarstone is a duo of Rich Mowatt and Andy Bury, who made their mark with "The Calling" then the classic "Chilled Out Euphoria" double-CD.  Solarstone also did the remixes for "Center of the Sun" by Conjure One, as well as the sensual "World On Fire" by Sarah McLachlan.  While not as downshifted as those pieces, the sets that they created for "Destinations" is good for a nice, bouncy time.

Find then where you can, when you can... music like this rarely lasts long on the shelves, as the stores have to promote the latest crud...


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