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The Daily Rant - Hardware

Today's rant?  The computer, that piece of silicon, copper and aluminum that makes us want to take a hammer to it.  Repeatedly.
"I for one, do not like to damage my precious equipment, especially when it involves repeatedly hitting it with a computer."
-- Peter Corlett, in the Monastery
In a few hundred years historians will likely look back at this time period and wonder how we managed to survive with computers.  Not because computers were so bad, they're not.  They are an excellent reflection of our state of technological prowess, our way of saying how far we've managed to come off the tree and begin exploring our world.  No, they're going to wonder how we managed to create such elegant hardware only to be destroyed by the clueless wonders we call users.

It doesn't matter how simple and foolproof we attempt to make the machines.  The programmers could come up with an idiot-proof operating system that has clear and concise error messages and a simple interface and Mother Nature will come up with idiots capable of crashing that system.  You could write your messages in plain English and the user will demonstrate repeatedly their inability to read plain English despite having gone to college for years.  Never mind their ability to render the hardware into a useless piece of garbage through doing dumb things like placing tape over the air vents, managing to shove a cd in the floppy drive, or spilling a glass of Coke over the entire system and claim it arrived in that state.  Two months after delivery.

This is one reason why I don't generally allow folks to use my computer.  Work or home system, my computer is MY computer and it's been set up and operational without a single problem for years.  And I don't need some fumble-fingered idiot to come along and manage to wreck everything I've done with a single keystroke.  I see them do it at work all the time, where they take the common desktop icons and delete them as they don't want them on their screen, or move the common start menu icons down to their quick start bar.  Or worse.  Much, much worse.


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