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The Daily Rant - God Bless the Users

The bane of every technician's existence... the user.
"It's easy to blame a mindless, inanimate object. That's why we always blame the luser."
Users are, by their very nature, creatures of habit.  They don't care or have any desire to learn about the hardware that they operate day after day, much in the same fashion that they don't care to learn about the deadly vehicles that they drive to work in every day.  All they care about is that the equipment (be it a car or a computer) work and work the exact same way with no variation in their routines.

The problem is that with a car, you can train the user that when the gas gauge is on E that they need to fill it up, when it blinks 'engine check' it means you need to take it to the mechanic, and that there is a certain amount of maintenance that is expected to keep the car working.  Not so with a computer.  After all, it's not that difficult to learn how to run (right click?  left click?  how do I do that?) , if you get an error message it usually means you did something wrong (it broke!  fix it!) and requires a minimal amount of maintenance (empty what recycle bin?).

But since the mindset of the user is such that a computer is much more complicated than a car (let's see... one button to turn it on versus turning a key and having a mechanical device powered by an explosive chemical start in front of you) and more difficult to understand how to operate (ok, explain to me how a transmission manages to send kinetic energy to the wheels again then.)  And since it's electronics (how many parts in a car again, please?) it's something we're not meant to understand totally.

Mind you, these are the same users who can't fix the blinking 12:00 on their VCR/DVD player.


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