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So what do I do for a living?
Some of us here are sysadmins, and network admins, and even Windows admins.  Clubbing baby harp seals would a socially acceptable step *up*.
-- butting on ARK
Welcome to my world.  It's not the dealings with the users (those little critters of nature that never know any better) that makes it so bad, although that's a good chunk of the reasons.  No, it's the fact that you've got clueless leads and management telling you how to do your job despite the fact that they were hired to do THEIR job and won't.  Remember, you're the expert when it comes to computers, so they're totally capable of telling you what to do, even if what they want you to do is 100% the opposite of reality, human nature and the way things are.

It can be extremely frustrating.  You know your job, but some clueless nutcase not only wants you to do things differently, he's indifferent to any and all suggestions to the contrary.  He KNOWS what he wants, and by all the odd gods in the universe he's going to get EXACTLY that.  So you know what's about to happen... you're about to be royally screwed because either a) you can't do what he wants, or b) you manage through some stint of miracle working to get things that way, and he gets all the credit for the accomplishment.

It's days like that you want to have your boss taken to the local hospital and have a CAT scan performed... if just to verify that there really is nothing but empty space between the ears.


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