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The midweek break

Ok, today is not a rant.  Instead, it's me grinning like a madman.  Why do you ask?

I have been looking over my collection of items, and noticing that there are some rather... expensive things I own now.  At least, expensive in the view of eBay.  Let me explain why.

I buy the occasional piece from Dragonsite, who does the fantasy figurines and dragons.  One of the pieces I managed to get was the "Faery of Ravens" figure and wall plaque which were the first items they did from Nene Thomas.  I seem to recall that I paid $50 for the figurine and $40 for the plaque, and they're pretty things I like viewing.  Mind you, I bought them when they were released in 2003.

Fast forward to today.  I was doing a little hunting on eBay, mostly for Dragonsite figures I might have missed at the local store.  And I notice that there were a few offerings in the past for "Faery of Ravens" on eBay.  When I look at the selling price... I had a cow.

$800.  Sold.  $376.  Sold.

This was just for the figurine.  The plaque?  Sold for up to $250+.



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Mar. 14th, 2007 10:48 pm (UTC)

That's pretty cool! In only 4 years too!

Reminds me of the Terrie Prints I sold on Furbid in late 2002.
I had been out of work since October '01 and I couldn't find anything in that post-9/11 climate. I wasn't getting much from the EDD.
I had bought a lot of Smith prints in '95 and '96 because they were pretty to look at, and at $7 a pop, they weren't too expensive.
(No, no Chesters. Nothing but fems.)
I didn't want to sell them, and I figured I wouldn't get much for them, but I preferred a roof over my head and food on my plate.
So I started auctioning them off, and boy was I wrong about not getting much for them.
Most of the prints sold fo $40 or $50, which is pretty nice when you think about it.
Some of them sold for more. A lot more.
I had one go to $200.
Another went for $300.
And the winner and still champion!!

I'm still boggled at this.

I mean, sure, the prints were made in sets of 20 and 30 only with no reprints.
But these were basically color photocopies on normal paper.

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