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The Daily Rant - Shipping and Receiving

How many of you have ever had this happen?
$SUPPLIER said "next day delivery". Unfortunately, they didn't specify which day it would be next to.
-- James Cort in the Monastery
Now don't get me wrong, if it wasn't for the ability of shippers to get our deliveries to us, we'd have to download everything.  But honestly, is it too much to ask for some common courtesies?

Like for instance, if you're getting a home delivery, a ring of the doorbell would be nice.  After all, if you're sitting at home on your computer and you know that it's out for delivery, it'd be nice to know that the delivery is being made instead of walking out in the darkness and tripping over the package that's been there for the last few hours because UPS (pronounced OOPS!) couldn't bother to push the doorbell.

Or let's say you're waiting on something to be delivered next day... and the delivery person for DHL comes past the place while shipping and receiving is closed for lunch.  So what does he do?  "Delivery attempt made, no response, will attempt tomorrow."  Talk about documenting your failures for the S/R folks to read on the website...

Ah well... maybe when they get teleportation working, the problem will solve itself.  Nah...  "Sorry, but the package got transported to Mars by mistake..."


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Mar. 13th, 2007 11:44 pm (UTC)
I don't see how teleportation will affect shipping services' knack for choosing the exact five minutes the guy on the receiving end is busy doing something else, and can't come before they go away to try again tomorrow. {wry smile}

Anne Elizabeth Baldwin
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