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The Daily Rant - Technical Support

Anyone who has owned a computer for any length of time likely has had to call for technical support.  With so much of it sent offshore, this gem from alt.sysadmin.recovery sums up the entire situation.
I have nothing at all against well-trained, knowledgeable Indian technical support. I hope to speak to one before I retire.
Having been dealing with computers for as long as I have, I've watched the progression and degeneration of technical support over the years.  Originally, I recall being able to call someone and get a technical question answered easily enough.  Later, I had to call a common number and go through some small gauntlet to get support.  Then as companies decided to go the cost-cutting measure, where did they cut?

You've got it.  Technical support.  Why?  There's not value added to the product by support it, so we don't need to hire support folks.  Instead, they went and first hired contractors to do support.  This wasn't so bad, as you might get someone who knew the product.  But lately everything has been moved offshore, specifically to India and the Philippines.  Added to this mix is the script, that book that the 'technical support' person is reading from with preset questions.

Ok, that's fine for the average Joe User who barely can tell the difference between left click and right click.  But for me, someone who has to support hundreds of hardware platforms and dozens of software packages, I don't need someone in some Indian province connected via VOIP and satellite telling me to 'just reload the system' to fix some esoteric bug in their hardware platform that only occurs when you do X with Y software.  I've already gone through everything in your script and went past that point two hours ago, now get me a REAL technician!!  By that time a circuit breaker has popped in the head of the person on the other side of the line, and they start right at the beginning again.

For this I'm glad Dell pulled it's corporate tech support back stateside.  I think that having companies like the one I work for threatening bodily harm makes a difference.


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