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I bought way too many pretties.

At the company I work for, we received our yearly bonus checks.  Which naturally wasn't anything to sneeze at, given that it came to 12 days of additional pay.  Money that is always welcomed.  However, as usual, I had planned to hold on to a good chunk of the funds.

Hah!  You can guess how well that worked out.

Let's see... computer hardware upgrades... that was $430.  Decided to order some items from the Iditarod store, that's about $45 right there.  Bought some silver strikes on eBay, there goes a good $100.  Needed to get some ink for the printer, zip goes $30.  (Now I have enough ink to last me another two years...)  Paid the phone bill despite the fact it could have waited, $58.  Ordered an upgrade to a software package I own, there's another $100.  Lunches for the last week, well... that's another $70 roughly.  Oh, and I bought the International Polar Year stamp collection, there's an extra $35.

Mind you, the rent, the other bills and groceries were already accounted for by the main paycheck, so... I suppose I'm glad that I've still got as much as I do in reserve.  How long that reserve will last is anyone's guess, as next paycheck is a 'free and clear' (no bills due with it)... and I have some additional software I want to purchase.  (Lightwave, Shade 8, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and helping the ounce get Adobe Web Bundle 2.3 for her system.)

Thank the ghods for academic discounts.


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Mar. 2nd, 2007 11:29 pm (UTC)
Yes, the ounce will have Adobe Web Bundle 2.3...and she promises to pay you back. Ouch. It'll cost a good chunka change, but it's much better than the c**p I have now.

No one told me owning a Mac would be cheap.
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