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Las Vegas Daze, part uno

Well, here we are in Las Vegas, sitting in our hotel roon on the Strip.  The imperial Palace really isn't that bad a place, despite a number of negative reviews in various sites.  Most folks I suspect are expecting the latest in glitz and glamour but the truth is that the IP is simply a fancy Holiday Inn with good placement.  *chuckle*  It's also inexpensive, compared to the hotels in the immediate area.

So far I'm stuck in neutral.  Lost some last night at the tables, but won it back while playing double-deck blackjack (at $25 a hand) at the Mirage.  Was hoping to make more, but it was ping-pong at that point... I'd win a little, then lose the next hand, then win it back, then lose... still, walking away with break-even is still a good day at the tables so far.

Also managed to snag some new chips for the collection, along with getting a Silver Strike from the Barbary Coast essentially for free.  Put $20 in the machine, first play netted me 7 credits, second spin was... the Silver Strike.  So I cashed out the $20 and took the coin as my souvenir today.  That, and a hat from the Mirage.

Later on tonight I'm going with Aki to the Aladdin so she can play with her friends, and I can try extorting... er... extracting more cash out of the casinos.


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