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More !FUN with Vista

Let's see what messes we've discovered so far:

Video issues:  NVidia finally got around and released a package of drivers for Vista.  The problem is that if you download the American package, you do not get either the NVidia control panel or OpenGL support.  The former isn't necessarily an issue (I hate the new control panel as I think it's just a way to keep things as dumb as possible for the user) but the OpenGL support is a show-stopper.  A lot of graphics programs (such as Poser, Vue, Shader, Lightwave) require OpenGL support, and suffer badly if you don't have it.  And games that prefer to have OpenGL (like, oh... SecondLife?) won't even load up.  So for some bizarre reason you have to download the English UK International version of the drivers... which load the OpenGL and Control Panel functions.

My guess is someone at NVidia screwed up with the issue of the American drivers, but no one at NVidia wants to talk about that fact.

Performance issues:  It's still eye candy.  I can't say one way or the other if Vista performs better than XP (or in my case, XP x64), but I'm willing to give it the benefit of the doubt at this point.  Maybe they have some things fixed, but I won't know for some time as I'm still using XP x64 as the primary OS.  At least until my class ends and I come back from Vegas.

I did determine that Microsoft Mail (the replacement for Outlook Express) doesn't like the UOP setup programs, so I have to do some manual settings when I work with my classes.  Such fun... I gave the tech support folks at UOP a heads-up about that, too.

I haven't had enough time to really test Vista hard, but it's only a matter of time.


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