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A comment made to the Washington Post

This is my posting I made online to the Washington Post over the election. Read at your risk. *Gryn*


Let me open my commentary by stating up front that I am and have been a Republican for most all of my life. With that having been said, it is with great joy and pleasure to watch the Republican party finally be taken out to the woodshed by the American voters and taken to task for their actions over the past 12 years.

For far too long now my party has exhibited and exemplified the very excesses that they claimed was rampant in the Democratic Party. How often have we heard that the Republican Party was inclusive, 'the big tent', welcome to all only to display an absolute level of disdain and disgust at anyone who challenged them on issues. From the fallacies of tax cuts benefiting all Americans to a war declared against a country that posed no realistic threat to this land, from ignoring court rulings and legal judgments to the systematic removal of civil rights guaranteed under the Constitution to ALL, this Administration and Congress has worked hand in hand to push us closer than ever to a potential dictatorship and/or theocracy. The only thing that was standing in their way was the American public, and their Constitutional right to vote.

As of today, our President, those members of the Administration and indeed the entire Republican Party now has to face the anger and disgust of those same voters, voters who are tired of being lied to, voters who are tired of having their sons and daughters sent off to war for no purpose other than breast-beating, voters who are sick of watching their earnings shrink while the ultra-rich become even richer at their expense. The American public has finally gotten fed up with the nonsense and fictions that our Administration has been feeding, and decided it was time to signal a change in this country.

There are those who will take this as a sign of the Apocalypse, that the Democrats taking charge means we'll surrender. This is pure and utter nonsense spoken by folks who likely haven't used their brains in years now. The reason why democracy works is that there is a need for all parties to work together, and it will take all parties to create legislation that will perhaps finally address issues that have been pushed to the side in the blind rush to embrace 'patriotism' and 'freedom'. Being patriotic does not mean following a leader unquestioning, and being free means being willing to accept that attacks against our military and citizens may occur. But that is the price one has to pay to be truly free, and that in doing so terrorists can never subjugate our values and our beliefs.

Ours is a dynamic culture, and we have once again demonstrated how dynamic it truly can be. It's now up to our elected officials to work together, to try and put aside the political posturing and finger pointing, and work toward common goals. This means that our Administration MUST work with this Congress, instead of acting like a roadblock or spoiled child, behaving petulantly because he can't get his way. The only ones who are expecting to get their way is the American population, and 300 million are much more important than one man sitting in the White House.


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Nov. 8th, 2006 06:21 pm (UTC)
Nov. 8th, 2006 07:49 pm (UTC)
It's nice to hear your voice on this issue... Not that you're seeing my side of it, although that is nice... But that you connect actions and results with voting.

dv_girl found Tuesday troubling, as it was a watershed for another year of wishful thinking on the part of some. Sure, we didn't vote for our Democratic Senator - though she was unlikely to lose, she isn't leftist enough for her.

If only this can hold, and people vote based on candidates' actions, and not just their words about 'Clean Air', and 'Healthy Forests', along with 'Patriot[ism]'. It should be about what they have or have not done; not about what they say they mean.
Nov. 8th, 2006 08:19 pm (UTC)
Well said.
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