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Speaking of strange trips...

... last night was a good example. Work has, for the last week, been rougher than usual (and will continue to be rougher than ususal next week, but that's a separate ranting.) As such, I was having that need to get away, even if it was just for a little while. So in typical Greywolf fashion, I decided to see when a casino trip was going and discovered I could take the red-eye (late night) run on Friday night. I examined the finances, and decided I could take 'X' amount of money ('X' being a number that remained after all bills, rent, groceries and other incidentals was subtracted out.) And off I go at like quarter to 8 in the evening.

... several hours pass ...

And at 4am we leave the casino with my billfold holding 'X' amount of money + $470.

The casino we went to has a variation of blackjack I love. It's called double-deck backjack, and unlike some places, they play it with the normal rules I'm used to. Blackjack pays 3-2 (for every $2, you get $3 back), and dealer has to stay on all 17's. Most places lately play it with a payout of 6-5 ($6 for every $5 you bet) and dealer has to hit a soft 17 (A-6, A-A-5, A-2-4, etc...) Most places that have pitch blackjack (where the dealer holds the cards) go with the second set of payouts and rules, even if it's double-deck. This casino does it with the single deck game, but not the double-deck one. Which is fine with me, I tend to do quite well with it. It's easier to deal with than a shoe game, but lasts much longer with more players than single deck (you seem to constantly shuffle the deck in single deck.)


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