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Idle thoughts on an idle night

Ok, so I don't update my journal as often as most folks I know. You know my reason for that, I rarely ever have much to say of late. Work is my usual nemesis in that respect, I can't talk about the sort of things I get to see and do the way most can. Plus given the occasional paranoid aspects that some employers have taken towards folks who have online journals, there's a very good reason for remaining rather bland.

Now this doesn't mean the rest of my life is bland, far from it. I have been trying to write stories again, although I haven't had much success on that front. After all, how many variations can one come up with when it comes to a sex scene, say? Well, ok, a sex scene with a pair of shapeshifters. I know, I know... if they're creative, you can do almost anything with them. *chuckle*

In the meantime, I've been more concerned with my system. Thanks to a friend, I managed to get a new hard drive and some memory for the Beast. So now I have 80gb+ in the system for storage, and 640mb of memory. That's enough to run Win2k smoothly enough. *chuckle* It was supposed to be a 512mb DIMM, but the motherboard will only see it as a 256mb chip. *sigh* Ah well, such is life.

* * *

I have actually been paying almost no attention to the war. I know it's going on, trust me in that respect. (Remember who I work for?) But I don't give it much thought. There isn't a lot anyone can do about it, to be honest. Sure, you can protest, write your congresscritter, send letters to the editor. Is it going to change Shrub's mind? Nope. Is it going to save a life? Nope. Is it going to alter the way the world works? Nope. Even if 95% of the public was opposed to it, it would still have gone off.

As for those who protest the war, take solace in this fact: No matter what, Bush's chances of getting re-elected are slim to none. If he doesn't find chemical weapons in Iraq, he loses on that fact, and even if he does, he'll lose because the public will notice the economy is still in the tank, and sinking further. And if it's one thing that presidents are judged on, it's the economy. Just hope that the Democrats get their shit together and find a REAL candidate to run. None of the jokers they have right now would be worth the paper their degrees are printed on.

Mind you, I'm a Republican. But I never got the lobotomy that's required, so I kept my conscience.



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