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In the good old Summertime...

Why is it that we look at our previous summers with longing and nostalgia, and forget the fact that back then we were just as hot and miserable as we are today?  After all, things like air conditioning back then wasn't as available as it is today, and we weren't trying to keep things like the mosquito and ant populations in check as heavily as we do right now?  Maybe it was the fact that we were kids, and back then we were bundles of energy and didn't notice that it was 90, 95, 100F or that it was really miserable to go out and ride our bikes or play in the park.

Today it's just as bad, if not worse.  The a/c isn't working too well (the landlord is going to have the guy come out tomorrow to try and put a shot of freon in to hold things over until fall when it can be replaced).  And I really don't want to go out anywhere just to try and get cool, so I sit here just as I did some 30 years ago, a fan blowing on me and trying to stay comfortable.

Then again, we weren't so asphalt and concrete laden in the cities, so when there was a breeze you could feel it.  And we weren't so much in a rush to go anywhere when it was hot, instead taking a more relaxed attitude.  The siesta in the afternoon, when the heat was at it's worst, cooling off under a sprinkler, sitting under a shade tree and just relaxing.

That or going back up to Fairbanks in the summer just to have some reasonable weather again.  *chuckle*  As I type this, it's all of 58F up there right now... while right now where I am it's 91F, with a heat index of 100F.  Ah, to have cool weather again...


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