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Long days, longer nights...

Well, it's been a while since I've bothered to write anything here. After all, how many times can you write about your workday, or how slow the weekends are? *gryn* Besides, I couldn't write much about my work to start, given that I work for one of those companies that covers the employees with NDA's and Export Control Act stuff. *Gryn*

And what can you say about a mundane life that usually consists of coming home, having dinner, getting online to chat with friends and sleeping until the next workday arrives? *snicker* Never mind the weekend schedule... unless there's something worth watching on the television it generally stays off, and I do have music to listen to, even if the radio selection is pretty damned poor to choose from. I'd play something via RealPlayer, but with the bandwidth of a thin coffee stirrer right now, I'm doing well enough to keep things connected up. *Gryn*

But I'm not complaining in the least. At least I am enjoying life, or rather what there is to enjoy. *gryn* Small towns do tend to be a lot slower paced, and Sundays are like mostly dead zones. Unless you go to Wal-Mart, where it's a zoo. I've been warned not to go there on the weekends, since it's complete and total havoc there.

* * *

Well, at least I don't have to tolerate the madness known as Mardi Gras this year. I'm far enough away that it doesn't dominate the news, the sports or the weather. Nor do I have to deal with the madness of people acting insane in the streets. Instead, I'll have to deal with Spring Break, once it starts cranking up here. Which is about two to three weeks off. By then I'll have my sanity check in place.

I like my peace and quiet sometimes. But only sometimes.

* * *

I'm still avoiding all those 'What are you' quizzes online. Maybe it's just me, but I just don't find them fascinating. Sort of like online IQ tests. I know that I have some intelligence, a lot more than the average AOL user, but still... I don't have to show it every day. *chuckle*

I did, however, find a nice little fribble. It's from a company called Dragonsite (for those who want to know, it's http://www.thedragonsite.com if you want to look), and they make some of the most interesting porcelain figurines. This one is called Talisman, and it's the nicest little dragon you'd like to see. Fierce, holding a shield in it's talons from some poor, unsuspecting knight. *Gryn* This one isn't expensive, and it's a nice piece to start collecting with. Later I'll deal with the more expensive ones.

In the same collectable store I also saw some of the Real Musgrave pocket dragon figurines. Excuse me while I roll my eyes skywards... if you haven't seen Real Musgrave's stuff over the years, he did a series of sketches called the Pocket Dragons. I have a number of cards that were created, and he also did work for like the Texas Ren Faire... but now he's managed to go mainstream with this stuff. It'd be like finding, oh, Phil Foglio's work at a local art gallery. Or worse, Doug Winger's stuff. *GRYN*

Ok, ok, I'll stop with the mental torture there. But seriously, he is one of the few fantasy artists who has managed to take his stuff from outside of the fandom into the main mundane world. I know Mary Hanson-Roberts is close to that with her Victorian Cats... I love her stuff.

Enough for now...


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