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Eye! Yi! Yi!

One of the perks for working where I do is the fact that I get medical, dental and vision benefits. Now I haven't used much of those benefits, but since I'm at the point where I'm a) getting older, and b) dealing with computers so much (again) that I need to consider getting a regular exam at least for the eyes. So I called and made an appointment with the local eye doc that I previously went to some 3 years back, in order to have the old check up and get new prescriptions for glasses.

The good news is that roughly 60% of the cost of the glasses is being taken by the insurance. The bad news is that I have to shell out the rest. But within the next week or so, I'll have a new pair of glasses to wear, ones that are proper for my eyes.

Truth be told, I'm not THAT bad off with the vision. But instead of taking a risk and continuing with what I've got (which isn't much at the moment) I'd rather go ahead, get the glasses, take the strain off the eyes of trying to focus on little tiny text on large screens, and hopefully stretch out the vision another dozen years or so.

Besides, they're not military glasses, so that means they'll actually look nice.


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