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I suppose I should post more often

No, really. I should. I think right now I'm posting maybe once, twice a month (no more than three I think). And I know I've gone through some months not posting at all. But then again, there really isn't all that much to talk about.

Work is. We're beginning to draw down personnel (since the current program is about finished) but it's being offset by two other programs that are gearing up. So things are relatively fluid. Some folks have decided to jump ship and move elsewhere in the company, but those who are staying thing they're being premature in thinking that it's going to be bad around here. I know our department is working to keep everyone we've got on board, so they're getting involved in the two new programs to ensure that IT is represented properly (this time.)

The home life is also just here. No plans to move, the place where I'm living is fine, been buying stuff like books, records, pretties. I really need a new table for under the window to put things like the shortwave radio on, but I'm not in that much of a need for it. *chuckle* And I have been slowly rotating some of my clothing, picking up new stuff as the mood swings. Probably by the end of the year better than 75% of my wardrobe will be rotated out into new.

Financially, I'm actually stable. And looking at a major windfall come July. Our company started this program some 10 years ago, to try and spread a little of the wealth with the employees, and since the stock price has taken off majorly, we're looking at a payout for this cycle that's (at this point) going to be close to $6000. If the stock continues increasing over the next two months, that likely will become $8000 or more. It's going to be a nice payout to help with my next major purchase... actually getting a car again.

I don't really want to get a car, to be honest. Gas, insurance, maintenance, and whatever else eats into your budget faster than a cheetah at a salad bar. I live less than 3 miles from work, and bike in every day that it's good weather (which is about 80%+ every day). So the idea of a car is kinda questionable. But... at the same time, I'm at the mercy of taxicabs when I want to get groceries, there's a limit to what I can carry in a backpack and bike rack, and travelling on a whim is usually expensive (given gas prices, it's probably equal in cost now.) I'll likely do some serious weighing of the options and go from there.

School is interesting at the moment. I'm in a class on SQL, and the instructor is making it fun and informative, as opposed to the last instructor on Databases. That one was an expert in databases, and expected you to read his mind instead of the posted requirements to know what he was looking for in assignments. My current one only cares that you have some kind of SQL program running on your computer to do the assignments with, he's not quite so demanding in his requirements. *chuckle* These are the classes that are fun to be in. And I can post my bad sense of humor and not get dinged for it.

Meanwhile, my computer humms along happily. People get this stunned/glazed look when they ask me what I have, and I tell them the specs. Well, what would you call a system that's a dual-core monster with 3gigs of memory and almost 1.4 terabytes of hard drive space?

Anyway, I'm off... promised a friend I'd give them a little help, so off I go to help.


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Apr. 23rd, 2006 12:56 pm (UTC)
I shouldn't be complaining about my system. It's a nice little computer. And the laptop was pressed into service at the Miss Louisiana meeting this weekend to play DVDs and do website stuff. I'll have to use it again when I get home to do more web stuff.

But your desktop...zoom!
Apr. 25th, 2006 01:44 pm (UTC)
Well, you might want to look into one of the variety of bike trailers that are available, such as the ones made by Burley, BicycleR Evolution, Bykaboose, CycleTote, Quik-Pak, and others. A cargo trailer will let you bring home six to twelve bags of groceries, more than enough to handle normal shopping needs.
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