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Lately while I've been waiting for news from Boeing and getting my move plans in order (as if there's such a thing as being in order when it comes to a move), I've been listening to some of the new music I've managed to purchaser lately. One of those was Conjure One, the new CD from Rhys Fulber, formerly of Delerium.

Now, why is it that commercial radio won't play any of the cuts on this album? It's not as if there aren't any worth playing, the piece where Sinead O'Connor is doing vocals is more than worthy of some kind of airplay. But having talked with a few of the local radio stations (all of which are owned by big, megalithic corporations) it seems that anything original, worthwhile, or (gasp!) musically capable is not to appear on their stations.

Much of this is the Clear Channel Communications influence. Programmers and managers from a giant company (with input and money from the giant record companies like Sony and BMG) decide what will be played on the 1200+ stations that they own. And any innovation, originality and spontaneous input is immediately squashed.

It's almost like there's one huge national network now. All of the stations play the exact same songs, almost in the exact same sequence at the exact same times. Clear Channel eventually will move to eliminate local disc jockeys and run everything from their headquarters, so the sounds you hear in New York and Los Angeles will be the same music that is broadcast in Billings and Midland and Montpelier. Like some electronic Borg, you will listen to what we broadcast and you will like it.

Then there's the minor abominations like Radio Disney (nearest outlet is Lafayette... god help the Cajuns) and the talk show/sports networks that give you the same program on 15 different stations, all of which can be picked up on a good night...

Sometimes I thank the goddess that there is still college radio. At least there you can find something interesting, and occasionally you can actually request music. Remember when you could call up and ask the dj to play a particular cut?

Or you could listen to things like Dasding or Virgin Radio on the internet. Europe still believes in playing music worth listening to along with the pre-programmed pap that the music corporations believe people want to hear.

Besides, why is some of the better music coming out of Nettwerk? I've yet to be disappointed with any of their releases...



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Oct. 19th, 2002 09:52 pm (UTC)
Amen, bruddah! I long for the days when radio was actually creative, and not homogenized by some megalithic corporation.

Which is why I prefer to listen to radio from other countries: Canada, the UK, South Africa...you get the idea.

I'm beginning to appreciate my broadband more and more.
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