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Fun and Games in New Orleans

Yes, I'm in New Orleans. Having previously planned a trip to Tunica and Memphis (that fell through due to circumstances beyond my control) I decided instead to use the vacation time to visit Aki back in New Orleans.

Getting to New Orleans today is a pain on Greyhound. Back in January, I was routed through Baton Rouge, wait two hours and then take a bus down to New Orleans. This time? Get to Mobile, wait FIVE AND A HALF HOURS then get to New Orleans via Biloxi. Bleah!! Talk about painful... and definitely not fun.

Aki and I have wandered around a little, we went to the French Quarter on Friday and spent way too much money. Between Tower Records and Lush, our budgets were whimpering. Lunch was at Cafe Maspero's, and dinner was at this place in Lafite, Restaurant des Familles. The latter was where Aki's sorority was having a dinner, and it was very good. The view was interesting, with a bayou alongside the restaurant, and alligators slowly swimming past. Whatever you do, don't complain about the food. Otherwise, you'll likely be taken out to the bayou. *chuckle*

Meanwhile, the goddess decided to smile and provide a little recovery in the form of a $100 scratch-off lottery ticket. Whee! And tomorrow... it's back to Ft. Walton Beach and work. *sigh* Time's fun when you're flying...


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