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Coming soon... to an Internet near you...

... or something like that.

Actually, coming soon is my new system. Metamorphos is just about ready to become reality. A brand new Athlon x2 3800+ on an Abit KN8 Ultra with 2gb of ram, an eVGA 6800 video card, Western Digital 250gb SATA-II drive, new case and power supply, keyboard and mouse. With the rebates, it's going to be close to $900 in total costs spent to get the rig up and running. The old system (Wolflair) will become UnciaUncia as it gets converted into the new system for Aki. Athlon 64 3000+, Asus K8N-E Deluxe mobo, FX5200 video card, 80gb and 160gb drives, andt the old black and silver case that's served under two hurricanes now. It'll do her well, as her old system gets passed down to her father's current beau. *chuckle* Which means I get to get her software all reloaded and stuff. Bleah.

Ah well... Metamorphos is going to be an odd system anyway. It's not a pure gaming machine, but it's got more power than the average user would expect inside. As for what I'll be using it for, that hasn't really changed over the last three years... writing, internet stuff, email, telnet, some small gaming, some programming and schoolwork. Now I have been looking into Second Life, and may consider getting some software to do new forms with... which if I do, it's going to be interesting. Since I'm going to UoPhoenix, I get academic rates on software for the time being... which should be even more interesting over the next year. I already have abused my poor MSDN subscription from work... but then again I've had to hunt down stuff from the sites for some folks at work... whee.

As rough as work's been lately (a nasty little security incident on the server involving data that should not have been in a public location) I need something to enjoy looking foward to.


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Feb. 24th, 2006 12:15 am (UTC)
And ounci get a new camera to take piccies with on her trip to Florida. :)

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