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12 hours and counting...

Just 12 more hours in Vegas. We have to be up at 4am in the morning, and down in the lobby before 5am to catch our shuttle to the airport. Then we get to have the fun of running the gauntlet through security, take the tram to our terminal (Terminal C for Southwest), then wait for our flight at 7:40am Pacific time.

Now... we've already decided that if... IF they make a call for folks willing to take a later flight and accept being bumped, we're taking it. Last time we missed out on a) $200 cash, b) a voucher for one leg of a round trip ticket, and c) a slightly later flight. If they call, we're going to grab it this time. I already know there's a later flight at 8:15am that we might be able to catch, and still get to New Orleans on time.

But we'll see.

As for our last run along the Strip, we did get to see the fountains and the volcano. My camera can record video (in .MOV format), so I recorded both. The fountains used Toby Keith's music this go around (eh, I'll deal with it) and the volcano was amusing. So was the conversation with a pair of Australians visiting who have a room with a view of the fountains. *LUST* I can only wish to be able to afford rooms at the Bellagio, best we're going to do next trip is either the Monte Carlo or the Luxor, I think...

So it's off to sleep... and a long, long day traveling tomorrow. And Tuesday. Such is life when you take vacations...


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Jan. 25th, 2006 06:31 pm (UTC)
Actually, the music was Lee Greenwood's "God Bless the USA". Same genre, different singer.
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