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From the city of Lost Wages...

...it's the Tal and Aki show.

Actually, we're settled in here, it's been 24 hours since we arrived. Aki's all set up with her credentials for the Miss America pagent, and I've been busy taking photographs here and there. Wandered over to the MGM Grand, where they have a lion habitat set up, and someone was feeding the lion cubs. Talk about a mob scene in front of the glass. I did manage to get some images, and if I get the time, will try to upload one or two here.

Vegas is... well, Vegas. The land of the obscene, the lewd, the overdone and the gaudy. And that's just getting from the airport to the hotel. You still have to nagivate the immigrant/homeless folks handing out cards and pamphlets for sex (latest comment I've used: Stick that hand in my face and you'll be getting rabies shots for a week.) Since we're more centrally located, the walks aren't as bad as the last time (staying at the Stratosphere requires knowing the bus system, or having a hell of a budget for taxicabs and/or rental cars.) And I have seen a few strange things here and there (like the expected hookers in front of the more run-down hotels...)

Things still on the agenda: Bellagio Art Museum (impressionists), the museum at the Venetian (Egyptian exhibit), maybe a day trip to Hoover Dam and/or Grand Canyon (depends on how well I do). Things not on the agenda: Petting a lion cub for $200 (five minutes), purchasing a Greek silver coin (with a pegasus on it.. $1800), looking for love in all the wrong places.

More later...


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