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Live and direct on Network 23...

Welcome to New Orleans. Pardon our destruction, we're in the middle of urban renewal.

It feels strange being here after Katrina. Really strange. I'm staying with Aki (aka mshollie) for the next three days until we head out to Las Vegas on Tuesday. Even where she's living, it's odd with all the construction going on. The house next door had the roof collapse, so it's uninhabitable, there are blue roofs scattered about, and a few mobile trailers where homes are being renovated. And this is on the side of the Mississippi (the West Bank) that escaped the flooding. You walk down a street and have one house looking perfectly normal, the ones on either side in various stages of repair. Yet there's some semblence of normalacy here, as opposed to in New Orleans proper.

Mind you, I've been through this sort of thing before. Most recently being when Hurricane Ivan plowed through the Florida panhandle back in September 2004. The damage is similar, but the differences are that most of the panhandle is sparsely populated, while New Orleans is a (former) metropolis. It's going to take this area a much, MUCH longer time to recover as opposed to the panhandle, and not just simply because of politics or economics. People were truly scarred by this event, much the same as folks in south Florida were from Andrew. Those kinds of memories won't fade out, and only those who are willing to push aside the memories are likely to come back and make something of the area.

Ah well... I'm going to relax a bit, then probably see what Aki wants to do about dinner. More later, including updates from Sin City.


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