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Welcome to Stupor Bore Weekend

Big whoop. Last year New Orleans had the event, now this year Sandy Eggo's got it. Makes me think that the NFL is trying to do urban renewal jobs and failing miserably at it. At least this year it's looking like the event might actually be interesting.


You think I'm going to watch the Super Bowl? Not a chance. I'm usually bored at the way television shows it, even with the commercials that are on. Hell, the only commercial I can definitely tell you I saw during a Super Bowl was the famous Apple Macintosh advertisement. Then again, that was the last quality commercial to show during the Super Bowl. It's been downhill ever since.

I don't know where the NFL gets these figures that the Super Bowl brings in money to a city, as all the times I've seen it in New Orleans it never really brings in anything other than garbage. The city never shows a surplus in the budget when they leave, the stores never have profit enough to hire more folks or expand... it's like a giant con game. And we're the ones being conned by all this.

* * *

At least I can kick back and read some new books I picked up. Well, one new and two re-released ones. The new one is _Exile's Honor_ by Mercedes Lackey (yes, I still read her stuff. You think after all these years of friendship with her and Larry I wouldn't?) The reprints are Steve Perry's _The Man Who Never Missed_ and _Matador_. Good fun science fiction pieces. They didn't have the third book in the series (and I can't remember the title myself off the top of my head) but if I see it in the next month or so, I'll likely get it. I also want to get the latest Charles deLint books, like _The Onion Girl_, but that's later on down the line.

There's also a host of music I want to get, but budgets come first. Including the apartment. *sigh* Priorities... I hate 'em.

Enough for now... we return you to your regularly scheduled insanity.


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Jan. 24th, 2003 05:12 pm (UTC)
The Pirate Bowl
Hey, I'm going to probably hibernate up here in my room/office and clone over some pageant tapes while Dad and his rowdy friends watch the game.

Still, though, I can go downstairs for free eats. :)
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