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Back home again...

... and I thought the ride back was going to be better than the ride to Austin. Until the attention-deficit disordered person with the habit of rocking back and forth sat next to me. *sigh* So much for getting any rest on the trip.

Austin to Houston was nice (as usual)... then I get to Houston and discover an east-bound bus to Mobile was just finishing loading. ZIP! Onto the bus, and away we go... into miserable rainy weather the entire trip. That, and a few individuals for whom the concept of courtesy was totally and completely wasted on. Two passengers went up to one and asked him to turn the music down... his attitude was somewhere around the 'screw off' position.

Oh well, at least I'm home, sitting back in my bedroom, listening to music and managed to get some sleep.


I was asked sometime back why I took the bus over planes. Aside from the costs (which is anywhere from three to four times higher than Greyhound), there's the (in)convenience factor. The airport here is some 20+ miles away, attached to a military installation, and then you have to travel to Atlanta or St. Louis to make a connection back to where you want to go. At that point, you're spending some 8 hours plus... and New Orleans is only 6 hours away on Greyhound. And you still have to deal with the screaming kids/coughing clueless/idiots anyway... it's a trade-off you just have to deal with sometimes.


I spent more on food than I spent on stuff this trip. There were some interesting placed on the list (Melting Pot), but then there was the little mom-and-pop Italian place that for about a third of the cost gave you nearly twice as much as Olive Garden. Or the little Greek place we went to lunch before I left that had a buffet that left you stuffed. Or Katz, which is a New York Jewish deli/24 hour restaurant that was quite enjoyable. Every city has those little funky places we all love, and that's half the fun of taking trips to find those spots.

Problem with Ft. Walton Beach is that most of the restaurants here are chain variety. There's very few that aren't, like 'The Breakfast Place' that's a little small hole-in-the-wall spot that serves good, cheap breakfast. Cheaper than IHOP and Waffle House. There's a few little BBQ places, and some restaurants, but... it's not like this area can support things like that long-term. They do tend to do a lot of turnover.

Ah well... I need to stop talking food for now, I'm getting hungry.


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