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The Eyes of Texas...

...well, more like the Stars of Texas. As in the Lone Star, the symbol that's almost everywhere in Austin. Went down into the center of town yesterday, mostly to just do the touristy thing and see the Capitol. And the only thing I can think is that there's almost no difference between the Texas Lone Star and the Soviet Red Star.


It has been an interesting trip so far, more the sort of relaxing vacation than having to go here, there and everywhere. I know we're likely doing 6th St. tomorrow evening, and Thanksgiving at some of Pancua's friends house (gaming friends). Friday we might end up going to a museum or two (the Austin Museum of Art has the Art of Dr. Seuss in town). And sad to say, Saturday afternoon will find me back on the bus, heading back to Ft. Walton Beach.

We did go to the Austin Zoo, which is way out on the outskirts of town. It's not a zoo as in like, say, the San Diego zoo, but rather a small place with the usual assortment of animals. Oddly, they double as a shelter for animals as well, and had a pair of wolf hybreds that actually were available for adoption (as in take home with you.) PROVIDED... that you pass their screening. Having dealt with hybrid wolfs in Alaska, I know that they require a lot of care, as they look at you as their alpha.

I could only wish... Ah well.


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