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...and now, a moment of silence.

United Radio Broadcasters is going off the air. For those of you who live outside of New Orleans and the Louisiana/Mississippi Gulf Coast, this probably means nothing. But for those in the affected areas, it's symbolic.

United Radio Broadcasters was formed just after Katrina hit. It was a merging of Clear Channel Communications and Entercom, the two largest radio broadcasters in the area. Realizing that they both had resouces that they needed, they put aside the usual antagonism that exists and merged staff and stations to provide 24-hour news and information to the region.

The amazing thing is that it existed for two months. But now, they're going to go back to business as usual, but for a short while it was interesting. FM listers were exposed to AM talk show hosts, AM listens exposed to FM DJ's for probably the first time. Oh, and Rush L. was off the air the entire time. [and there was a great rejoicing]

But starting Monday morning, it's back to Clear Channel and Entercom. Perhaps with a little more respect for each other. [Pause] Nah, not for long.


In other news, it's now officially two weeks to Austin. It still feels strange to be heading off on a trip, but given the way they're dragging us down at work right now, the vacation is probably going to be well-deserved. The good news is that I'll only be away from work for three days, and that they're going to slow down thanks to the holidays. So I won't have to worry too much. And my co-worker is really good at doing things as I am, so I'm happy.

Still going to feel odd travelling through Mississippi and Louisiana knowing what's out there. Maybe that's why Greyhound has the busses scheduled to travel at night though those areas. So you don't have to see it. Ah well.


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Nov. 5th, 2005 05:19 pm (UTC)
I much prefer Air America to Flush Loudmouth any day.

Still don't know if the frog and I will make it to Austin. Part of us wants to, the other part--well, we don't know.

Besides, Jerry Springer on the radio is gobs better than Jerry Springer on TV.
Nov. 5th, 2005 07:36 pm (UTC)
I hope you have a good trip. {SMILE}

That is interesting about the radio stations. {Smile}

Anne Elizabeth Baldwin
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