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Katrina's Aftermath

No doubt you've been reading the news and watching the cable news outlets, so I won't exactly cover stuff you've heard before. But...

I know the area from around Pascagoula westward to New Orleans fairly well. There are landmarks that I'm sure just don't exist any more. All of the bridges are out along US 90. That right there isn't hard to imagine, but they're also saying the bridges that went northwards, in Ocean Springs and I-110 are also out. That's a little harder to imagine. What is hard to imagine is the reports that restaurants I'm familiar with are no longer there. Red Lobster, Olive Garden, Outback, they used to be in this one area close to where the lighthouse and line where flags flew between Biloxi and Gulfport. That doesn't exist any more, either.

There's still almost no news from that point heading to Gulfport all the way over to Slidel. Just like Camille. No news, no reports, just virutal silence. This is never good after a hurricane.

This is very much like Camille 36 years ago, only with one major difference. Camille was a smal, very compact storm that affected only about a 50 mile area. Katrina took out a 200 mile swath from New Orleans to Mobile. In terms of nastiness, Katrina was the proverbial bull in the china shop. It may be years before everything is back to normal in that area of the country again.

Once again, in the battle of the Gulf Coast between mankind thinking it can tame things and Mother Nature, Mother Nature has once again reminded folks that you can plan for these things, build for these things, and she WILL come along and wipe it out with a sweep of her hands, and say 'Nice try.'


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