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Where's my music??

I've come to the conclusion that the commercial radio industry is convinced that the average listener is suffering severe attention defecit disorder. Why else would they refuse to play anything longer than, oh... what is it now, 5 minutes? I mean, come on! There's some wonderful music out there that's longer than 5 minutes in length. So why won't they play it?

Because as usual, the stations are 'paid' based on how many songs in an hour they can play. The more songs they play, the more they get back from the record companies in the form of 'promotional material'. It's not like they can't unbend a little and play something longer, but between the need to push commercial after commercial over the air, as well as the non-stop promotion of the station, it's a miracle that they get a dozen songs on the air. At 4 minutes per song, of course...

Quick, how many folks have tried in the last year to call one of those so-called top radio stations (owned by Clear Channel, Entercom, Infinity or Cumulus), managed to get an actual DJ on the phone, and managed to get a request? And I'm not talking something on their approved play list, either... I mean something you wanted to hear again. Let's have a show of hands, folks...

I thought so. Same here, you're lucky to even get someone on the phone, much less someone who's a dj spinning records. Since most of it is now fed via satellite, you're lucky if they even have any control over what goes over the air.

Aside from college radio and satellite radio, the area between 92 and 108mhz is DEAD, folks... and you wonder why those corporations mentioned above are so frightened of XM and Sirius... no commericals, and album-length cuts... makes you long for the old days when a station would play an ENTIRE ALBUM at night.

If you live in Minneapolis (or listen via the net) you can listen to a throwback... KCMP "The Current." They'll play just about anything you request. And I mean just about anything. Country. Rock. Jazz. Blues. Here's a sample of their recent playlist: Ivy, Super Furry Animals, Sonic Youth, The Stone Roses, Ton Waits, Low, Spaghetti Western String Company, Frank Sinatra, Moby, Husker Du, Nas, Miles Davis Quintet, Morcheeba, Talking Heads... as I said, they'll play just about anything.

Talk about a throwback to the past...


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Apr. 7th, 2005 09:12 am (UTC)
That does sound like a neat station. Too bad so many are like your first description. {small smile}

Anne Elizabeth Baldwin
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