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Back to School Daze...

Well, tomorrow I stick my foot back into the learning environment, and start my online classes with the University of Phoenix. @whee! The lady I've been talking with over at the Phoenix campus is likely going to be in stitches when she calls tomorrow afternoon to help get me set up initially. Every time we've talked I've joked with her, and she said I was one of the most organzed folks she's seen (when it came to getting all of my paperwork and past education records sent off. Little does she know...)

Part of the proceedure is taking three online proficiency exams. One in math, one in english and one in 'critical thinking'. Well, I missed the first try on critical thinking by one point, but zipped it the second go-around. Math, well... *gryn* But English... gods, they make you write an essay!! And grade it!!!

But I passed. *Gryn* First time.


Gods help me, I'm actually doing this.


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Jan. 6th, 2005 06:21 am (UTC)
I remember when I enrolled in college out of high school... I had to take their math placement exam, but I came down with something when they had it scheduled, so I had to go in with a temperature of 102 and take the damn thing. So about three weeks later, I got a letter back saying that because of my poor performance on the algebra section, I had to take Math 103 (i.e., Math for Boneheads, barely one step up from Math for Phys Ed Majors) before taking any higher-numbered math course. At the time, I'd recently received the results from taking the Calculus AB and BC Advanced Placement exams, and my score was sufficient to give me credit for Math 150, Math 151, and Math 300. The course description for Math 103 says that it's not open to students with credit for higher-numbered math courses. Catch-22.

So I just went ahead and registered for Math 152. Later, curious, I checked my records, and found out that, while I'd punted the Algebra section, I was in the top 20 scores for entering freshmen on the Geometry section, and 3rd for entering freshmen on the Calculus section. But their placement check wasn't set up to cope with someone who could obviously do higher-level math. I got really curious, and found that on the damn Scantron forms they used, I'd gotten careless and skipped a row on the 5th question in the Algebra, so all my answers were one down from where they should be, and didn't notice because I was so out of it during the test. Feh.
Jan. 6th, 2005 07:33 am (UTC)
Sounds like you've got things under control. Yay! <hug>
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