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'Twas the day after Xmas...

Well, another holiday down the drain. Not that it really means all that much to me, being as pagan as the west winds. Although if you think about it, I did at least get one gift from the Goddess, namely my job. So in a sense, I have what I wanted this year. A little late, but better late than not at all. *chuckle*

After the storms of Tuesday, Wednesday turned into a very nice day. If you like days where nothing, and I mean NOTHING is open for business. Not even the local restaurants were open, so I was down to having sandwiches for my holiday meal. Ah well, it's better than nothing. *gryn* If I wanted to bother and go looking for a holiday meal, I might have... but I didn't feel like going anywhere yesterday. I'm entitled to at least one lazy day, you know...

And now the Powerball frenzy is over. Seems fitting that the winning ticket was sold in a place called Hurricane. Talk about being in the eye of the storm... and now this morning the media feeding frenzy begins to see who won the ticket. Given it's a true rural area, that person better find a rock to hide under for a LONG, LONG time.

* * *

Been trying to write again using the borrowed laptop, without much success. Most of the stuff I had in progress is stuck on a hard drive in storage, so I can't get to those parts. What I do have is one story that's eluding me pretty badly right now in it's direction. Maybe after a while I'll find some way to get it to go, but for now, I'm just leaving it lay fallow. *sigh* Such is the fun of writer's blocks... not as much fun as Legos, but...

* * *

I don't know who is the person who came up with those 'music videos' for Cartoon Network, but I'd either shake his hand or shoot him. Mostly because half of them are amusing, and the other half are downright appalling. Especially the ones from Ed, Edd and Eddie... which is probably one of the worst cartoons Cartoon Network put on. About the same grade of humor as Beavis and Butthead, or so it seems to me.

Now, the amusing ones include the one for Johnny Bravo as sung by the Reverend Horton Heat, and the very short Courage the Cowardly Dog one by They Might Be Giants. I'll give 'em credit for those two, that's at least humorous.

Of course, I also recall the older ones, like getting Soul Coughing and Fantastic Plastic Machine (now there's a mouthful) with some amusing bits... but the current crop is strictly hit or miss. Mostly miss, I'm afraid.


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