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Moving Day

Tomorrow I move.

My current roommates want to move at the end of this month, so I needed to find a new place. Given what the area just went through, you'd think that housing would be one of those things that would be impossible to find. And it is, for the most part. But I managed to find a place. It's a shared house situation, I get one bedroom, the owner is a truck driver and usually isn't there but four, five days out of the month. So it'll be myself and one other who works for the government on Eglin AFB. Since all I have fits in one bedroom, it'll be a good deal. It's about a mile away from the workcenter, so I'll be biking it to work most every day. Eventually I'll be having a car, but for now this works out fine for me.

It also means I'll save money, since I won't be having to pay additional things for the roommates (that I do get paid back on, but not as quickly as I'd like sometimes). But that's ok... I have my cell phone, and there's a wireless broadband connection in the house I can tap into. Life will be a little easier, I won't have a roommate who stays up until 3am in the morning (with all the lights on), and has a habit of taking things without thinking...

The fun of moving... @whee.


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