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Ivan the Terrible, Update #5A


Latest numbers just came out, and Ivan is weakening. It will likely NOT be a Category 4 storm on landfall, as her winds have dropped down a bit. It's still on track to make landfall just west of Mobile, so that keeps a good distance between the eye and my location. I'm still not expecting hurricane force winds here, so again, this is a good thing. For me. Not for the folks in Baldwin and Mobile Counties in Alabama, they're going to get it in the teeth bigtime.

Been watching a variety of radar images, seeing the edge of the rainband just hovering offshore. It still hasn't gotten windy here, just a light breeze around 15mph. Landfall now looks to be around 7pm to midnight tonight, as the storm has started moving a little faster. Of course, the news outlets are in full 'panic' mode, especially the stations in Mobile, but they have good reason to be. I'm sure if the storm was heading to New Orleans, all those stations would be getting the city in a fine state. Not that it wasn't aready, folks causing gridlock on I-10 and such.

Did hear from Aki, she's heading up to Minden with her father at the moment. They got across the Causeway and are going to be pretty much safe enough as it is. Not that Ivan was going to be that large a threat to New Orleans, I think the NHC was overestimating the wind fields. But we'll see...

More later...


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