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Home again, home again...

...jiggity jig. Good evening, JF.

Rather than some long winding story, I'll just touch on the highs, the lows and the zings...

The Good:

The Stratosphere - not a bad hotel. Decent room, decent service, lousy dealers. One never spoke or cracked a smile. My nickname for him was Sushi.
The Mirage - Nice hotel. Very nice blackjack tables. *gryn*
New York, New York - see The Mirage
Cirque du Soleil's Mystere. Whoa. Nice. Definitely worth seeing.
Nine Fine Irishmen - This is a pub inside of New York New York. Great food, great atmosphere, nice rugby shirts.

The Bad:

The heat. I know, it's hot in Vegas in August. But 112 degrees? Come on, give me a break. Ok, so Mother Nature had some thunderstorms roll in Thursday night... it was fun to watch folks scatter from the rains.
Adult material. They don't hide it, they actually have people standing out on the streets wearing advertising t-shirts and passing it out to everyone. Single folks, couples, families... they don't care. Nearly kicked one or two for getting too close while I was walking with Aki.
Transportation. Clark Area Transit (CAT) isn't bad...provided you know when to go. The busses that run along the Strip can get very crowded fast, so if you're picking up the bus in the middle locations, you can either end up standing up or not even getting the bus. As for the taxicab services, they've got a good racket going. From the Mirage to the Stratosphere (20 minute walk in cool weather) is $10. Don't even get me started about the airport shuttle services, either.
Mandalay Bay - Ok place, but the casino sucks rocks. Lots of loud, probably drunk players. Very bad place to play if you don't drink and want to play seriously.
Kids. Gods, why do folks drag their screaming, running rugrats to Las Vegas for??? The experiment is over, people. Las Vegas as a family destination didn't work. What makes it worse is that they'll be running in the casino area!! You won't see that in the casinos along the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

The Ugly:

Finding out from the roommates that you have to find a new place to live. @Whee. That I guessed from their refusal to talk on the phone earlier in the week. Ah well... I've got that covered.

But it was fun. Whoo, was it fun.


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Aug. 15th, 2004 06:01 pm (UTC)
I agree with most of what you say, but I'll add a few comments of my own.

Mandalay Bay: very pretty, but downright huge. I nearly got lost in there. The casino sucks, but I was able to get some good souvenirs.

NYNY: Crowded as hell. I got claustrophobic from it.

The Mirage: Loved it. I would have liked to stay there had it not been $200/night for a room.

Stratosphere: Very nice hotel, and I made friends with a housekeeper from El Salvador. She got me for speaking in Spanish to her, but I wanted to practice my limited conversation. "What is this, Mexico?" "No, I just wanted to practice for when I do go back there."

TI: Loved Cirque. Hotel was nice, but casino wasn't nearly as nice as Mirage or NYNY. I recommend any casino in the MGM/Mirage group. At least they're honest, and the Mirage actually posts their house rules online.

Heat: Worse than NO. At least I can tolerate the humidity. My skin went dry. Fast.

Caesars: Loved the Forum shops. Hated the Atlantis show. It was too distracting, and I've seen better at Disney.

Bellagio: Go see the water show. Well worth it. The Monet exhibit is well worth the $5 charge. Waterlilies!

Golf balls: started a nice collection for my dad. Everywhere we stopped, we added another golf ball to the collection.

Lava lamp pens: I liked them so much I bought two: one from the Mirage and one from the MGM Grand shop at the airport.

Favorite t-shirts: one with a Gaelic saying that I got at Nine Fine Irishmen and another at the MGM Grand that said, "Here, human, human, human..."

Least favorite t-shirts: the ones advertising various adult "services" on the streets.

Ethel M Chocolates: couldn't leave Vegas without 'em.

Wooly Wonders: a bit disappointing, but I left there with a small loom, a tapestry crochet video I've wanted for a while, and some new fiber that I'm spinning. I really like the corn silk, and I want to try out some bamboo and other vegetable fibers. Oh, and I also have some alpaca...think I'll need a new spindle for it all.

Trader Joe's: didn't get to go there. Wish they did mailorder.

etc. etc. All in all, I had fun.
Aug. 15th, 2004 07:00 pm (UTC)
Some extra comments
Yes, the Atlantis bit at the Forum shops is very distracting. I asked one of the clerks in Bath and Body Works if they get tired of it, and she said within two days. But the shops overall were fun.

The Monet exhibit was $15, not $5... but yes, it was worth it. The Bellagio fountains were also worth it, and I got a nice series of shots from a night showing.

As for Ethel M, I still have two of my bars. I'm trying to savor them.
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