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The Wonder(ings) of Las Vegas

Aki wants to go to an Elvis Wedding Chappel. As if there aren't enough of them in Vegas. *chuckle*

Actually, I have been sorting through the many and varied offerings, and have been discovering that you can find some interesting deals through such huntings. For instance, Gray Line Tours runs a day trip to the Grand Canyon that runs $149 per person. Admittedly, that's pretty pricy for a day trip. But if you book it through the New Frontiers Hotel (which is just a short distance from the Stratopshere) you can take that same tour for $114.99 instead. Granted it doesn't sound like much, but saving $68 for two tickets does add up after a while.

And I'm sure there's other deals out there for some of the other things we want to see. I've already found $60 tickets for Cirque (it may not be front stage center, but it'll still be a view to watch). And some things (like the exhibit of Monet at the Bellagio) are already reasonably priced. It's just a question of what to do and when to do it. *chuckle*


Anyone who knows me knows I'll be playing blackjack while out there. And Aki knows that I do have this habit of making back trip expenses while playing blackjack. The interesting thing lately is a series of articles concerning changes to blackjack at some of the hotels that makes the odds worse for the players. Naturally, I won't touch those tables and places if push comes to shove. But you do have to admire at least one place that is honest on it's website.

The Mirage hotel posts the house rules for it's games on it's webpages, and that includes the rules for blackjack. Not coincidentally, the Mirage is rated as one of the best places to play blackjack in Las Vegas. With honesty comes customers. *gryn* And with winning comes Aki, to snag whatever money I've made off the table and into her pocketbook. *smile* I know the rules...


Thank goddess for three-day weekends.


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