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Library Daze, or Still Stuck at one hour.

Ah well. The planned hope to get a system (or at least the main part of a system) fell through. My co-worker's wife nixed the idea, as she wants to have a system of her own. Don't necessarily blame her there, everyone should have a computer. Just means that I'll have to plan alternate attack modes now. Meaning getting the pieces and putting it together myself. I've had enough experience at that, after all. 10 years of retail support should do it...

Then again, what would I use a computer for? Besides writing my somewhat strange fantasy stories, or being online on Furry, Taps, or any of the other demented places I inhabit? Never mind the fact that I've spent way, WAY too much time in those worlds (10 years on Furry, 9 years on Taps, gods knows what elsewhere)... But that's where my friends are, my cohorts in crime, fellow zanies and shapeshifters... you tend to miss the conversation, the play, turning Mavin into a hot tub and using her for a good relaxing game of Truth or Dare... *wink*

So I've got strange friends online. I happen to like 'em. Be it Mavin, or Navajo, or Talisantia, or Terminotaur, or all the others I've known over time. And having been around forever (it seems like), I do know a LOT of folks. *chuckle* Side effect of longevity online, you know.

Enough for now... it's dark, and I need to consider heading back to my little den for now.


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Dec. 17th, 2002 05:42 pm (UTC)
Hey, Wolfie...I still have my old laptop sitting here at the ounce den in NO. If you don't mind springing for a mobo for it, you're welcome to it.

Speaking of new computers, infrogmation wants me to take him computer shopping sometime Thursday. Tomorrow's out for me.
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