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Sasser, Day 2.

Yes, it's only day two for us. Monday we actually avoided the sucker, but that was because the DHCP server was down. Too bad it wasn't down yesterday, I wouldn't be having as many nightmares. Ah well.

We discovered that the patch has as many problems as it's supposed to fix. Big news, right? Well, we also discovered at least ONE fix that actually fixed the patch problems. Namely if you have it on a machine where a user can't run IE, Outlook, Office, etc., it has to do with permissions. If the user doesn't have admin rights (as they shouldn't) then the patch screwed up some permission in the WINNT directory, and that's the cause. The fix is to go to the WINNT directory, right click, select Properties, then click the Security Tab. Click 'Advanced', then check the box about child permissions (bottom most selection) and hit apply. Shut down, relog in the user, and abracadabra ipso facto, he's back able to use IE, Outlook, etc. Although why any sane person would want to use IE or Outlook (or Office, for that matter) is subject to debate.

I stumbled across it by chance with another tech, suggested logging in the user with admin rights, and when things started coming up, well... pieces fell into place after that. So I've actually managed to find an answer that the clueless at Micro$oft couldn't figure out yet. @whee.

I'm a little happier now.


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May. 5th, 2004 07:45 pm (UTC)
Have you passed this information back to MS, as well as through the usual tech grapevine places like Slashdot?
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