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Has anyone ever seen a gruntled employee?

Ah, here it is. To put into a good humor.

Guess there is such a thing as a gruntled employee. Since I suppose I qualify as one. *chuckle*

One of the temps (who has since left for a better position [read permanent job]) came by my desk on Friday and dropped off a poinsettia. She didn't know if I was heading out of town for Xmas (I'm not), so she gave this as a little thank you gift. I'm looking at it, and thinking to myself that if this survives the next two weeks, I'll be lucky. I'm ok with some plants, but potted poinsettias I've never managed to get to survive long.

Walking to the library yesterday evening I passed a store along the main strip in Ft. Walton Beach that was simply listed as the American Indian Shop. It's a very nice little place, filled with native American items, prints, books, music and a rather amazing collection of t-shirts, mostly from The Mountain. The person behind the register looked at me at first wandering quietly around, and asked if I had been there before, since I seemed to 'fit' in the place. I just had to chuckle at that, since I seem to have a knack of looking like I should be there often enough. Gods know how often I've walked into stores, and other customers ask me where such and such are located.

* * *

So what am I doing for Yule? Probably not a lot. Unless one of my co-workers drags me to their place, I'll likely sit in my temporary home, listening to music on a brand new Sony boombox. The one that has AM/FM, cassette and CD player. Which also has the ability to play MP3's that are burned to CD. Since I've got over 30+ cd's filled with MP3's, I don't think I'll have a music problem anytime soon. *chuckle*

Meanwhile, the hunt for an apartment continues. The plan still looks like mid-January to move, but I'm probably going to make it more like late January, as I'll get another paycheck at the very end of January. Having four paychecks under the belt makes more sense than trying to do it with three.

Enough for now, I've got work to do. @whee.


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