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Is it me or is the quality of commercials during the Super Bowl seriously declining? I watched the game, and found myself repulsed by a number of commercials. We're talking seriously stupid, rude, crude and downright obscene in some cases. And yet... these commercials were rated as the top 10 by USA Today in their Ad Watch.

Folks, maybe I'm showing my age, but a commercial where the punch line is a dog attacking a guy is not funny in my mind. It's been done repeatedly in gods know how many bad movies by the Farley Brothers (who never outgrew juvenile humor, apparently). Nor was the commercial about the sleigh ride and the gas... that was one seriously sick commercial. Of the top 10 commercials this year, only two I thought were worth it... the Pepsi commercial about the bears in Alaska, and the Budweiser commerical about the donkey wanting to be a Clydesdale. The rest of the list would have been shoved into a nuclear reactor, along with the negatives, and destroyed to help preserve civilization and try to raise the intelligence of the average television viewer. Which, given this list, is hovering somewhere around the 60's and dropping fast.

Mind you, last year's list also were seriously horrid in taste. The only good one being the football Clydesdales requiring a referee for a ruling on the field (a zebra, of course).

Whatever happen to class? Intelligence? Imagination? Humor? I mean real humor, not this bathroom, go for the gross-out sort of crud that's infested television of late? Jack Paar, it's a good thing you're in classic broadcasting heaven, because this medium is becoming rancid.


Speaking of commercials, my surprise was the IBM/Linux commercial with Muhammad Ali. Frankly, I don't care that the congenial idiots that made up Ad Watch rated it so low... it was surprising, it was touching and it was so true. At least some of the other sites, including Business Week, rated it as one of the best commericals. Shake up the world, kid. Shake them up.

[Equally surprising was seeing Muhammad Ali in the ad. I know that he appeared briefly in a previous IBM ad, but it's just so... unusual. I would hope that IBM is donating to Parkinson's disease, which Mr. Ali suffers from. But he is definitely a wonderful icon to represent a mentor to the kid.]

Enough of my rants tonight... I'm going to shake up my dust bunnies.


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Feb. 2nd, 2004 06:15 pm (UTC)
I didn't think much of the game, the commercials, or the Janet Jackson exposure stunt.

Michelle Kwan, Sasha Cohen and Timothy Goebel were much more entertaining. Yes, I watched figure skating.
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