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States of Mind (of course I don't...)

Well, since everyone seems to be doing it...

*1) Alabama (more times than I care to think)
*2) Alaska (lived in Fairbanks)
*3) Arizona (WorldCon Phoenix all those years ago)
*4) Arkansas (always in passing)
*5) California (lived in Monterey, visited LA)
6) Colorado
7) Connecticut
8) Delaware
*9) Florida (live there now, been to Orlando)
*10) Georgia (schooling in Atlanta)
11) Hawaii
*12) Idaho (just in passing)
*13) Illinois (Chicon)
*14) Indiana (con in South Bend)
*15) Iowa (home state)
16) Kansas
*17) Kentucky (lived in Louisville)
*18) Louisiana (more than I care to remember sometimes)
19) Maine
20) Maryland
21) Massachusetts
22) Michigan
*23) Minnesota (Minnicon)
*24) Mississippi (occasional SCA events, Keesler AFB)
*25) Missouri (KC, St. Louis, Ft. Leonard Wood)
*26) Montana (*gryn*)
*27) Nebraska (parents in Omaha)
28) Nevada
29) New Hampshire
30) New Jersey
*31) New Mexico (passed through on I-10)
32) New York
*33) North Carolina (lived in Charlotte for a while)
34) North Dakota
35) Ohio
36) Oklahoma
*37) Oregon (Portland)
*38) Pennsylvania (Pennsic)
39) Rhode Island
*40) South Carolina (Myrtle Beach, Ft. Jackson)
*41) South Dakota (Sioux Falls, Rapid City, Crazy Horse Memorial, Rushmore)
*42) Tennessee (Nashville, Memphis, Smokey Mts. National Park)
*43) Texas (Lackland AFB, Houston, Con-Troll)
*44) Utah (Salt Lake City, Hill AFB)
45) Vermont
*46) Virginia (in passing, I-95)
*47) Washington (Seattle, Mt. Saint Helens)
*48) West Virginia (in passing, Charleston)
*49) Wisconsin (lived in Milwaukee a while)
*50) Wyoming (Cheyenne, Yellowstone National Park)

32 states so far. Aside from Insanity, which we all suffer from. *Gryn*

Other places?

Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta
Fort St. George, British Columbia
Whitehorse, Yukon Territory
Kaiserslautern, Heidelberg, Frankfurt, Bacharach, Rothenburg, Nuremberg, Neustadt, Mannheim in Germany.

Not too shabby.


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Jan. 16th, 2004 09:12 pm (UTC)
I have always had a fondness for the State of Confusion...which is what I seem to be in right now.

What? You no care to remember Louisiana? Or you just care to remember ounci?
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