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Boeing-y, Boeing-y, Boeing-y!!!

Apologies to the Animaniacs! for that title. But it seems so appropriate.

Well, here I am in Ft. Walton Beach, with all the clams I can eat. Not that I've found any clams, or anything else for that matter. It's Tuesday, which means this must not be Belgium.

Getting to Ft. Walton Beach was an adventure. After having worked my buns off to make enough money for the trip and have a small grubstake to last until my first paycheck, some low-life scumbag with less morals than a member of the Clinton Administration proceeded to lift my wallet. Out of my pants. While I was in the shower. Needless to say, I was severely pissed at first, followed very damned quickly by a panic attack. Since they also took my ID card. Talk about having one's life flash past with a new job in a new city waiting.

Fortunately, thanks to the help of a friend's father (thanks, Aki) I managed to make it to Ft. Walton Beach. And thanks to my own father, I have (barely) enough to make it to the next paycheck. The Boeing folks have been extremely helpful and understanding, so it's not like I'm entering into a hopeless environment and trying to make things work.

Having work to look forward to does wonders to one's self-esteem and mental state. Unemployment is, pardon the language, a f*cking pain in the *ss. But I'm now in a place that actually values hard work, where things are actually growing (so it's in the military side of the house... so what? It's better than nothing, folks...) and in a city that's actually nice to be in. It's not like being in the boondocks, with the nearest civilization being about an hour's drive away. There are malls, stores, bookstores, a comics shop (two blocks from work!), and quite a bit more that'll make it quite livable.

So what's next on the agenda? Getting a permanent apartment (the hotel is nice, but...), then DSL and a new system, then transportation. In that order.

* * *

It's nice having the music collection back, too. 28 CD's filled with MP3's, all my former tape collection. RIAA, I'll have you know since I BOUGHT those tapes, I damn well have the RIGHT to have an MP3 copy as well. For my archives. So that I don't lose that music I love


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Nov. 26th, 2002 09:05 am (UTC)
On da Beach...
I don't know if you've seen my latest journal entry, but glad Ft. Walton Beach is treating you well.

BTW, my dad would like his loan back asap.

Aki D. Ounce
(who thinks RIAA stands for Rampant Idiots Against Advancement).
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